Safer Stash

Online storage for your physical stuff.

Secure and encrypted storage for information about your belongings, possessions, valuables, and purchases. Save serial numbers, makes, models, pictures, receipts, and more in your encrypted stash.

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Add to Your Stash

While setting up that new TV, take note of its model number, serial number, and brand. Then add that information to your stash along with pictures of your purchase receipt and pictures of the item.

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Manage Your Stash

After adding your gadgets and other belongings to your stash, you will have formidable documentation for the future. You can add more items, delete items, manage your items, or export your entire collection to various file formats.

Look over your stash every now and then to make sure everything is accurate. It may require some adjustments as you replace your valuables with other valuables.

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Data Security and Integrity

We are advocates of personal privacy rights in person and online. All data that you enter to this system remains yours forever. We cannot and will not sell any information to third parties.

Complete Encryption

Automatic Security

All data that you enter to our systems is encrypted in such a way that even our administrators can't access it. This means we literally cannot sell your data to third parties.

Free to Start

Free Starter Stash

Anyone can sign up and get their encrypted stash started for free. We may eventually add paid services, but for the time being, everything is free!

Ease of Use

Full Convenience

You can access our services and your encrypted stash from any device without needing to install anything. In fact, your data remains encrypted regardless of the device currently in use.

Reduce Risks

Secure Insurance Protection

In the event of theft or general loss of your valuables, all of your information will be immediately available for you to export and send to your insurance provider.

Secure Export

Whenever You Need It

Whenever you need to send your data to a trusted business, you can easily export your encrypted stash to a format that's convenient for you. We support Text, Excel, and PDF formats.