Addressing You Personally

If you haven't read the About page yet, we encourage you to do so. Safer Stash seeks to be a secure, private, and reliable way for you to save important information about your valuable belongings. We created this service to help others maintain a mini-inventory of traceable items that they own. We hope that this service will provide use to you in the event of item loss, theft, or any other (sometimes) inevitable happening.

The owners of this service have personally been affected by massive property theft in which thousands of dollars in electronics were stolen overnight. Insurance companies and police officers sent requests for detailed information about everything that was taken such as serial numbers, model numbers, dates of purchase, receipts, proof of ownership, and condition of the items. Since we had not been diligent about tracking this information, it was hard to recall what exactly was taken, when we purchased it, and even what type of item it was!

The purpose of this service is to build a private, encrypted, and secure storage space for people to track everything they own.

Allowed Content and Moderation

We encourage active and frequent participation by creating an account, creating an encrypted stash, adding your items, attaching receipts, attaching pictures, and providing feedback. Even though we strongly encourage you to participate in any way that you can, there are some guidelines that must be followed when adding content to this service.

The following are examples (but not an exhaustive list) of the content that you should not input into this service:

  • Personally identifying information about yourself or other users in any fiels related to items
  • Threats or harassment targetted towards any other member of the community
  • Any illegal content such as fraud or phishing
  • Spam, repeated content, nonsense content, or content that is obviously related to marketing or advertising
  • Identity theft related to users who impersonate or attempt to trick others for deceptive purposes

Content Ownership

Any information input into this service remains the property of and is wholly owned by the user. This includes (but is not limited to) phone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses, receipts, pictures, and item data. As the owner of such content, you may request that the information be redacted, removed, or otherwise destroyed at any time for any reason.

We make no expressed claims over anything input into our service. The data is encrypted in such a way that even if we decided to take ownership of the data, we would have no way of utilizing it.

Privacy Policy

We encourage you to regularly review the privacy policy documented on this service.