Stop guessing about your belongings

Your purchases add up to a lot of money over time. Save your receipts, model numbers, serial numbers, pictures, and more. Bring all your "stuff" together to your encrypted stash.

Encrypted Data

All saved data is encrypted when you request it, when you're using it, and when you're not using it.

Save Receipts

Upload receipts regarding your expensive purchases so that you can easily retrieve them when needed.

Purchase History

Know when you bought something, when you need to replace it, and document its original condition.

Secure your purchases

Data is encrypted at all times

Safer Stash provides convenient and secure storage of information about your expensive purchases. Every user's stash provides multiple levels of encryption and security. Even your receipts and pictures are encrypted!

Helps with Refunds

Digital storage of all purchases

If a vendor needs receipts to process a refund, you can easily retrieve everything about your purchases from your encrypted stash including any receipts that you uploaded upon purchasing the product.

Reduces Insurance Risks

Maintain a simple inventory

If you're the type of person to carry valuable item insurance, home insurance, or rental insurance, your stash gives you the peace of mind that any information requested by the insurance provider will be readily available.

Your Purchase History

Know when you bought something

Track what you own (a simple inventory), what you used to own, and when you need to replace something. Your stash will help you realize when it's best to replace your favorite gadgets.

Provides Convenience

Access your data anywhere

You can access your encrypted stash from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer all from the same web address. All data and activity between you and your stash is strongly encrypted regardless of the device in use.

Export everything about your lost items such as purchase receipts, serial numbers, model numbers, and dates of purchase. The days of struggling to find paper receipts and product manuals are over.

Encrypted Receipts and Pictures

Files are not exposed to the public

All files that you upload to your stash (receipts and item pictures) are encrypted and saved in a private storage location to which only you have access. There are no public endpoints available for anonymous users to snoop on your files.

Encrypted Data


We take advantage of SSL encryption between your browser and our server. Make sure to always check for the lock icon on your browser bar to guarantee that your connection to our server is secure.


When you're using your data, it's stored in our database and in server memory. We encrypt during this state with a feature called Always Encrypted. Always Encrypted keeps your data safe in such a way that not even our administrators or developers have access to its contents.

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When you're not using your data, it's stored in our database and files. We encrypt during this state with a feature called Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). Even if an attacker managed to obtain an entire database file, the contents of the files are protected by TDE.

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