Start for Free

You can get started with a free account instantly and begin storing information about some of your personal belongings. The only information that we require is a valid email address and whatever password you want to use.

We don't ask you for any personally identifying information or store any personal information about you. You can use whatever anonymous email address you want with your Safer Stash account.

Add to Your Stash

After logging in, you'll be redirected to your stash. Since you just created an account, it will be empty. Click the Add Item button. Fill out each field to the best of your ability, attach a receipt (optional), and attach some images of the item (optional).

Look around your house or apartment for anything else to add to your stash. Electronics are usually the best items to add, but nothing's stopping you from adding everything from cars, to boats, to books!

Manage Your Stash

Your stash stays encrypted in the cloud until you're ready to use it. View a list of all items in your stash, add more items, delete items, add receipts to your items, add pictures of your items, or edit the details if something needs correcting.

You can freely remove anything that you no longer want to keep in your stash and it will be gone forever. We don't maintain anything about your data except backups in the case of system failures.